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Build a fast and effective solution for your potential customers using Rox's "Open API".

Our solutions are built with the best performing technologies available on the market, our prices are competitive and we provide integrative support.

  • Mark-up at dealer's discretion
  • Fast and secure API connections
  • Contracts provided by Rox Pay
  • Dedicated support
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  • Contacts of companies and individuals.

  • Constantly updated.

  • Guaranteed safety and reliability

  • Dedicated support via email and phone

  • Unlimited Email | SMS | WhatsApp messages.

  • Dedicated support via email and phone

  • Mark up on dealer description

  • Instant and secure payments

  • Dedicated support via email and phone

  • Mark up a descrizione del rivenditore

  • Pagamenti istantanei e sicuri

  • Supporto dedicato tramite email e telefono





Rox Business

Mark-up at dealer's discretion

Email and phone support

Dedicated support

Fast and secure API connection

Instant and certified payments

White label payment services

Subscription management