RoxPay’s outstanding solutions for an incredible Hotel

Everything to manage reservations and payments in your hotel

POS and checkout

Securely accept all payments with the RoxPay POS and start retaining your customers.

Securely accept all payments with the RoxPay POS, organize your work and streamline your activities.

  • Over 20 payment methods
  • Payment and subscription management
  • Customer management in custom lists
  • Partner programs and API integrations
  • Payments on physical POS
  • Receive orders and payments online
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Manage your reservations securely

Discover the online payment tool dedicated to hotels, which helps you manage reservations and maximizes the guarantee of collection, even in the event of cancellation.

  • Safe management of reservations in the structure
  • Management of payments on site or through digital channels
  • Maximum collection guarantee even in the event of cancellation or non-arrival of the guest
  • Service available for customers with POS and/or with an e-commerce site
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Gestisci le autorizzazioni e le tariffe aggiuntive dei tuoi ospiti

Usa RoxPay per richiedere un anticipo sulla prenotazione, addebitare un importo in caso di no-show o di particolari richieste, velocizzare il checkout e tutelarti da spese aggiuntive.

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