RoxPay is devoted to elevating Craftsmen and Freelancers

The solutions for accepting payments, managing appointments and down payments

POS and checkout

Choose the RoxPay POS for your business: many services with just one POS

Securely accept all payments with the RoxPay POS, organize your work and streamline your activities.

  • Over 20 payment methods
  • Payment and subscription management
  • Customer management in custom lists
  • Partner programs and API integrations
  • Payments on physical POS
  • Receive orders and payments online
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The list of your services on the RoxPay POS, for faster and more accurate payments

Organize the sales flow, set rates and any down payments.
Cashout is guaranteed with RoxPay!

  • Safe management of reservations and appointments
  • Management of digital payments via POS or payment gateway
  • Work organization and efficiency
  • Service available for customers with POS and/or with an e-commerce site
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Incassa anticipi e saldi, anche a distanza

Per incassare in modo semplice, ovunque sia il tuo cliente, invia un link di pagamento tramite url diretto, email o SMS.

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